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Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy

Equine-assisted psychotherapy is a type of therapy that includes equine activities with an experiential therapeutic approach. The office provides EAGALA and Natural Lifemanship equine-assisted service models guided by trained professionals.

The foundations of this type of therapy are experiential, animal-assisted, and integrative approaches with the use of postmodern techniques. This type of therapy is ground-based interactions only and does NOT incorporate any riding of the animals.

Horses have a unique sensitivity to humans that helps you gain a deeper understanding of your internal process and behaviors. This dynamic plays a key role in working through trauma, stuck points in life, and gaining insight on how you seek both physical and emotional safety in relationships and the environment.

Equine-assisted therapy incorporates a team approach including you, the horse or horses, therapist, and equine specialist. With the collaborative nature of the interactions with the horse, therapist, an equine specialist, there are common reports of improvement in awareness, connection, and empathy. This process allows change to occur naturally and empowers you to see the opportunities to discover and change your story.

This service is only available on certain days and times, weather permitting, and is an outdoor activity only. This service is only available at the Special Cheers location by appointment only. Call the office today if you are interested in learning more about this service.

Equine-assisted therapy allows you to explore your story, learn problem-solving skills, and discover your resilience to overcome challenges guided by the team’s facilitation. It provides space for a natural unfolding of self-discovery and insight. This is a solution-oriented approach that is personally experienced at the emotional and physical level in conjunction with intellectual understanding.

Equine-assisted psychotherapy (50 minutes) is $180 for each session.